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So, dirty&thrifty tutorial!


I'll explain this first and then leave you with the diagram! Measure your waist first. I'll use my measurement, 70cm, as an example. Great. You want 4 times your waist measurement for the first tier, and 8 times that for the second one. If you want to make a three tier petti, you can either make the third tier 12 or 16 times your waist. This petticoat is 45cm long, so for a two-tiered one you need one 15cm and one 30cm wide strips (three 15cm wide strips if you are making a three tiered one). Awesome! The ikea curtains are 3m wide, so bearing that in mind, cut your stripes (for example, I cut one 15cm stripe and two 30cm's. If I were to make a three-tiered petti, I'd cut seven 15cm strips). You will probably have leftover fabric, and if you need more, you can always use the other curtain! I had like 30% of the fabric left after I made my petti.
Well! Now join your strips to make the tiers (sew together the two 30cm/ two 15cm and four 15cm strips to make one/two long stripes!), and serge/run a zigzag stich on the lower border of the bigger strip. Awesomesauce!
Now for the not-so-fun part: gathering. You have to gather the third stripe to fit the second one, stich those together (do this by putting them right sides together, like when attaching a ruffle), and then gather and attach the second one to the first tier. Great! We're taking advantage of how this curtains are sewn: they have a small chanel on both sides. Since you cut your first tier from this part, you've already got your chanel sewn for you! (If you needed more than one strip for your first tier, cut it from the other side of the curtain, and make a couple of holes near the joining seam so you can feed the elastic through). Now you just feed the elastic, sew both parts together in order to make a skirt, and you've got your petticoat done!!


This turned out to be a very soft petticoat! I made mine two-tiered, so is not super puffy, but I'll get some more ikea curtains and make a three tiered one soon :O I'm sure that way it will give a lot of puff!



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